Mold Removal in Long Island

Mold Removal with Dr. Green Thumb

Whether or not you know it, your home may be contaminated by mold growth in dark, damp, and hidden spaces. Mold can potentially produce allergens, irritants, and, if left unattended for a long time, even toxic chemicals that impact the health of your loved ones.

Signs that mold may be growing in your home include:

  • Increasingly severe allergies
  • Smelly odor
  • Visible signs of mold growth
  • Long term water problems and leakage
  • Recent flooding or condensation
  • Symptoms of mold poisoning

Long Island Mold Removal and Air Duct Cleaning

The first step to combating the harmful effects of mold growth is to determine its existence and trace its presence. Using safe and eco-friendly methods, we conduct mold investigations and then perform removal tactics to produce a safe, mold-free environment for your home.

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