Crawl Space Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality Specialists in Long Island

Your attic and basement crawl spaces can be filling up with dirt and debris. Dirty or damp crawl spaces can lead to mold development and a number of other harmful contaminants in your home. Although you cannot always see the mold or debris, its effects will begin manifesting themselves before you know it. By regularly having your crawlspaces cleaned with Dr. Green Thumb, you can protect your family from contaminated air and home from a weak foundation.

Crawl spaces include the following:

  • Attics
  • Basements

Go Green with Dr. Green Thumb

When Dr. Green Thumb performs crawl space cleaning, we begin with a primary cleaning to remove all surface dust and debris. Once the crawl space has been completely cleaned, we will follow up with an application of a vapor barrier, treating the walls with organic products that are designed to kill any mold within the crawl space. When we have finished with our cleaning, your attic and basement crawl space will be restored to a clean, mold-free, and healthy environment!

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