Baseboard Heater Cleaning in Long Island

Dr. Green Thumb: Indoor Air Quality Specialists

While baseboard heaters are a simple solution to heating your home, they are not always easy to clean. Just like any other heating system, baseboard heaters can generate a build-up of dust and debris within its vents and outlets.

As dirt infiltrates the baseboard heaters, they begin to stop working at their maximum capacity, increasing your energy bills and heating your home with contaminated air. Let the team at Dr. Green Thumb use our organic cleaning methods to clean the baseboard heaters in your home. We will ensure that dirt and debris are removed from the baseboard heaters so that your heater can return to its full working capacity and keep your family warm and healthy.

Here are a few tips to maintain your baseboard heaters from home.

  • Increasing fresh air in the home when heaters are not being used can minimize dust build up
  • Move furniture around or away from the unit to allow access to fresh air
  • Make sure all units are off and unplugged before actual cleaning begins

Organic Air Duct & Baseboard Heater Cleaning in Long Island

Please note that baseboard heaters should be inspected and cleaned during the fall season so that your home can remain adequately heated throughout the winter. Dust and debris may build up during the warmer months but you may not notice its presence until you actually turn the heater on. Acting early to clean the heater will ensure that you are prepared for the cold of winter with a clean and efficient heating unit.

We specialize in organic air duct cleaning and baseboard cleaning in Long Island. Call Dr. Green Thumb today at (631) 294-2823 and schedule your appointment to get your baseboard heaters cleaned!